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Doing Pizza on the Grill

This is a fun and novel thing to do. It kind of scares your guests a bit, and maybe even you!

The first thought might be is that t you would have a gooey mess putting the crust on the grill or that it would burn on the bottom before it gets cooked on the top.

It is wonderful though, Not only do you get an excellent pizza, it gives you a feeling of being in the elements and commanding earth, air, fire and water to turn a ball of dough into a mouth watering delight.

You can either do it on a Pizza Stone like Above or Just on the Grill itself


First let's make the pizza dough

Here is a recipe for a simple pizza dough from the Woodstone Corp. that makes wood fired pizza ovens for the many of the best pizza restaurants in the country.

Make The Dough

Cut the dough into 8 chunks.

Click to see full-size picture

Roll the dough out as thick as you want it. l like it very thin so you can get a thin crispy crust.

In the shaker is semolina. you can also use corn meal. It is refered to as a "release agent". Which means that it keeps the pizza crust from sticking to the counter or the pan. This way it will slide right off the cookie sheet and onto the grill.

Shake some on the counter before you roll out the dough. Here I have a real shaker and a make shift one that is made out of a glass jar, and I poked holes in the lid.

if your dough does stick , you can use a piece of dental floss to loosen it up.

Here is how you want to stretch the dough thin, so you can pick it up and see a bit of light through it.

Here I put the pizza crust on a cookie sheet that has no lip, so I could slide it off onto the BBQ grill.

If you don't have a no-lip cookie sheet or a pizza peel then a stiff piece of card board will work or the back of a cookie sheet. If you make them small you can just use your hands or a pancake turner.

Pizzas don't have to be round, They can be all kinds of shapes. I am making small ones here so that everyone can put their own toppings on them

Moisten a paper towel with oil and rub the grates.

Then slide the dough onto the grill as shown.

It is non-traditional to make the crusts perfectly round.

When the dough puffs up it is ready to turn.

Turn the dough and it will look similar to this.

Move the crusts to the back of the grill or to a part of the grill that is low heat.
Here I have started to put the toppings on . The first one is going to be a Margherita.

I topped the Margherita with fresh mozzeralla slices, plum tomato and fresh basil. The center pizza is some Jack cheese, sun dried tomato, and roasted garlic cloves,topped with fresh rosemary.. The right pizza is topped with Feta cheese, spinach, mushroom, kalamata olive, red onion slices and fresh Oregano. These look very rustic but that is their charm.

Another way to do this is to put a pizza stone right on the BBQ. If you like this better then by all means
do it. Just give it enough time to get really hot. If it the heat is high I would give it 15 -20 minutes.


Just flip the dough over when it is lightly browned on the pizza stone like this.


Here is a Sophia Pizza finishing up nicely on the stpne. This is Roma tomato, fresh Mozzeralla slices, parmesan and chopped fresh rosemary.


Here is the finished Margheritta.

Here is the finished Greek Pizza.

Here is our elongated pizza that has Jack cheese, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and chopped rosemary.

I hope this has been a great help to you.

I would love to hear how your pizza turns out

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