German Dumplings

known in German by
Knödel or Klöße


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Dumplings are a favorite food throughout Germany. They are known as Klösse (Klöße)... pronounced KLA-sa... in Western and Northern Germany, and Knö South-Eastern Germany. Dumplings are made out of a dough, that can be made up of flour, potatoes, bread and other ingredients. Most often formed into a ball-shape, then boiled or steamed in salt water. In Germany, you will find a dumpling for every occasion and course in a meal. - they can be served as a main meal, as a side dish, as part of a soup, or served sweet for dessert. Some varieties are also filled with foods such as bread cubes, fruits, or meats.

The well-known and ever extensible versatility of the dumpling is demonstrated by the variations from country to country, from region to region, from house to house, from generation to generation. It is believed its fans do not simply read recipes but uses them as a starting point for imaginative, and thus also for inventive, cooking.


Simple Dumplings
these Flour based soft and fluffy dumplings are common to find in the United States.
They are made with flour and baking powder or with a baking mix like Bisquick. These are great with Chicken and Dumplings.

These are one of the smallest or baby dumpling. There are many variations
of the Spaetzle. Some are made with a Spaetzle tool which pushes the dough through holes and some are cut by hand on a board and shoved into the pot of boiling water. called a Handgemacht Spaetzle.
Also you can make a German style dish like Macaroni and cheese called Käsespaetzle

Spoon Dumplings

These are ultra basic and simple.
Made with flour eggs and dropped in with a spoon.
This has a very chewy texture, but preferred by many over a soft and tender dumpling.

Potato Dumplings

(halb und halb Kartoffel Klöße)
made with half cooked and half raw potatoes

donated by Barb Rokitka

Thuringia Dumplings

These are a regional specialty of Thuringia.
Potato dumplings made with cooked and raw potatoes


Flour dumpling that uses yeast to rise.
Dampf means "steamed". These dumplings are steam cooked
and browned on the bottom for a nice contrasting texture.
This is the savory version.


These are made from cooked potatoes and flour
and rolled into torpedo shaped dumplings.


These are dumplings made of left over bread.

They are very similar to the way bread stuffing for
a turkey in the U.S. is made.

Sweet Dumplings


Plum Dumplings

These are wonderul and one of the best desserts I have ever had.

Sweet Dampfnudel

This is the sweet version of the yeast based dumpling that is rich with eggs, baked and served with vanilla sauce.


Chilled Black Forest Cherry Soup
Egg White Dumplings

Blaubeeren Knebble

Blueberry with small baby dumplings and
vanilla cream sauce


Pears and Dumplings
(Mecklenburger Klöße mit Birnen)

Other Dumpling Recipes

Farina Dumpling Soup
Greissklosschen Suppe
These dumplings are made from cream of wheat or Farina.
My grandmother made this when we were sick. Simple comfort
Food for the tummy.

Cloud Soup
Broth Soup with chewy dumplings

Knephla, Nifla, Knoepla
These are small dumplings that go into a soup
that is unique to the Germans from Russia, a group
that immigrated to the Americas at the turn of the century and
settled in the Dakotas and North in Canada.

Kase Knepla or Cheese Buttons
These are stuffed noodle with cheese also from the Germans from Russia





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