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Spargel History in Germany

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How to Cook Spargel (Asparagus)

Spargel Recipes

Spargelzeit (Asparagus Time)

It' NOT ALWAYS Spargelzeit in Germany.....

The Spargel or asparagus is very special in Germany. In early
April begins "Spargelzeit" or "The time for Asparagus" and ends traditionally
on June 24th running through the feast of John the Baptist . While other cultures talk about the first birds of springtime, Germans see the shoots of asparagus popping up. and sometimes refer to them as, "The Joy of Spring".

Mid April kicks off the Spargelzeit (Asparagus season) and all over Germany roadside stands and markets have beautiful fresh picked Asparagus both white asparagus (Weisse Spargel) and green (Grüner Spargel) but the white is so much more in demand. They call it White Gold. Restaurants will feature menus (Spargelkarte) that feature different asparagus dishes.One of the most favorite is Asparagus topped with hollandaise sauce with sliced ham, and boiled potatoes.

They have Asparagus festivals or "Spargelfests" all over Germany to celebrate this special time, though more in major growing areas like Baden-Württemberg. Unlike in the United States where asparagus is available year around, In Germany asparagus is available only during Spargelzeit and then it is done for the year.

You can also take a Tour de Spargel ( Asparagus Routes) where you see asparagus farms, different types of museums, and wonderful restaurants with many dishes featuring asparagus.



How the Spargel found Germany is an interesting story. From Romans and only for nobility to becoming a staple on all German tables for 2 months in Spring and starting green and becoming White which is the preferred color. Go here for more German asparagus history.


   White Asparagus
Wiesse Spargel

Germany's favorite Spargel is the Weiss Spargel. It is grown in a special way by mounding up the soil around the shoots when the sprout so that they the sun won't turn them green. They are very mild in flavor.

They are now available in some parts of the United States but I hear that they are not as good as those grown in Germany. In fact Alton Brown on the Food Network, didn't even cover them in his Asparagus episode because he feels they are not worth it.

To the left is a lady that is picking Weiss Asparagus. ( White Asparagus).

Karen Kinanne goes to Germany every Spring and always tells me about the stands along the road selling beautiful white Spargels (asparagus) . Big Thick Tender Long stalks. During this season restaurants serve a platter full for a whole meal, with different sauces and accompaniments.

Karen says " I had dinner with a woman about 70 years old,who as a young woman had worked as an  asparagus  cutter to  earn money when there was no work or ways to get extra cash, under the Soviets. 

She talked about how hard the work was because she  had to be stooped over the whole time, moving from plant to plant,
and careful not to tread on any developing stalks.  about.com


Here is a video of picking and processing White Asparagus in Germany



Dollenberg hotel
Picking your own Spargel




Wooden Spargel Huts Shoot up all over Germany ,but particularly in the regions that raise it so it can be cut fresh and taken to market that day.

They often sell strawberries as well. On the Feast of John the Baptist they will be gone. Then it will be time for cherries and other summer fruit.

During the long winter months all over Germany the taste of fresh Asparagus will be dreamed of and then greatly anticipated when Spring is on the horizon.

Some Spargel Menus

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Spargelzeit | Spargel History in Germany | Spargelfests ( Spargel Festivals ) | Spargel Tours


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