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Spargelfests (Asparagus Festivals) in Germany

Spargelfests or Asparagus festivals are very popular in Germany. Asparagus season is celebrated from mid April to June 24.

Spargelzeit Spargel History in Germany | Spargelfests (Spargel Festivals) | Spargel Tours


When the Spargels or asparagus tips pop up from the ground in the Spring it is a way for Germans to say "The Joy of Spring is here!". To help the celebration they have Spargelfests. (Asparagus festivals).

Celebrations happen in all states of Germany but even more so in the areas where the asparagus farms are. The Spargelfests feature dancing, Spargel peeling contests, asparagus dishes from appetizer to desserts, and of course the crown a Spargel Queen.

It would be a great Spring holiday or vacation to travel what is called the Asparagus routes.

The Baden Spargel Route is about 86 miles and the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route is 466 miles long. Along these routes you will find not only the Spargelfests asparagus fields, museums, a mass of cultural and historical sites, lakes, beautiful landscapes and, in season, restaurants offering all types of Spargel specialties and combinations.

The city of Schwetzingen is the self proclaimed Spargel capital of the world. Great Spargel farms and a wonderful Spargelfest. It is the first city on the Baden Spargel Route, with a lot of Asparagus history. The statue of the Spargelfrau is an attraction in Schwetzingen

The castle of Elector Carl Theodor (1724-1799) in Schwetzingen upon the grounds of an ancient hunting lodge. He is credited often with popularizing asparagus first in Germany by having the first plants in the garden outside the castle, when the spears were reserved only for nobility.


Schwetzingen Spargelfest is held on the first weekend in May more info

Another video of the Schwetzingen






Spargel peeling competition in Nienburg
the Spargel queen looks on.

Spargelzeit Spargel History in Germany | Spargelfests (Spargel Festivals) | Spargel Tours

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