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Saigon Shrimp Pizza
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makes about 4 pizzas

1 lb. approx. pizza dough
1 Cup Peanut Sauce
1 cup Shredded Mozzarella
1 lb. bay shrimp
about 2 cups bean sprouts
1/ 2 cup small red pepper strips
4 sprigs cilantro

Basics of doing Pizza on the Grill

How to make your own pizza dough



This is one of my favorite pizzas!
It uses a peanut sauce instead of tomato sauce.

Take a ball of Pizza Dough a little less than a tennis ball

Roll out the dough

Spray the grill with a bit of non-stick spray or wipe it down with a little olive oil.

Brown the crust on both sides and remove to a platter

Chop some peanuts if you desire.

Get the sprouts in a bowl as well as the shrimp preped and ready to top the pizza.


I have the cilantro in a glass jar with water ready to sprig
The tomato sauce is not used in this recipe.


Put about 2 tablespoons of peanut sauce on the crust
Then top with 2 table spoons of mozzerella cheese, just a sprinkle.
Then top with a small handful of shrip
Then some bean sprouts

Top with cilantro sprigs and some chopped nuts if you want.

Top with some red pepper strips, then cilantro. lift and put on the BBQ.

Heat to melt the cheese





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