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Start with a good dough.

You can buy a dough pre-prepared even the dough for bread rolls works. You can also make your own dough which is fun and not hard at all.

Here is a dough recipe


assemble your pizza toppings in dishes so you can
dress your pizzas easily.





Take a ball of Pizza Dough a little less than a tennis ball

Roll out the dough very thin.

Spray the grill with a bit of non-stick spray or wipe it down with a little olive oil.
I like to use a spray release agent and spray the dough as well.

Brown the crust on both sides and remove to a platter


Next I put the crust on a cooler side of the grill and put some toppings on the pizza.

Put a small amount of cheese on. Too much will not melt well.


Here is BBQ chicken pizza. BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, bacon bits, Mozzeralla, onion and cilantro

Here is a greek pizza with spinach, olives , roasted red bell peppers, and Feta cheese

This is a Saigon Shrimp Pizza, that has peanut sauce, mozzeralla, shrimp, bean sprouts, roasted red bell pepper and cilantro.


Here I used sweetened ricotta, pear slices and vanilla sugar.

You don't have to make your pizzas perfectly round.

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