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Peach Raspberry Pizza
on the BBQ
  Peach Raspberry Pizza on the grill

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for about 4 -6 inch pizzas

1 cup of cream cheese
2 ripe peaches thin sliced
1 half pint of raspberries
1 / 4 cup vanilla sugar

you may use nectarines or even pears.

You can mix a little vanilla extract with sugar if you
don't have vanilla sugar.

Basics of doing Pizza on the Grill

How to make your own pizza dough


This is an easy recipe that you do a basic grilled pizza

Cook the pizza dough till brown on one side and just a little on the other side. You will finish cooking that side after you put on the toppings.

Spread with cream cheese on the completely brown side and top with peach or pear slices and top with raspberries.

Put this back on the grill and cover with the lid and let everything get hot.

Here I have used both red and black raspberries.

We also like to uses Blue Cheese. Mozzeralla or other white cheese also works well.

Here is the same pizza made with pear slices


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