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The word Rouladen is from a French term Roulade that means "rolled up"
although it may come from a musical term roulade meaning.. An embellishment consisting of a rapid run of several notes sung to one syllable.

Here are some Rouladen recipes from me and donated by the some of the readers of our German Goodies Recipe Newsletter

My grandma Emma's Rouladen
This is my grandama's Rouladen recipe that uses
bacon, onion, dill pickle and mustard.

Rouladen , Anita's family recipe
This recipe for Rouladen is unique in that Anita's mother kept the bacon and the pickle and the onion in large chunks so that in a large family one could pull out any part of it that they didn't enjoy.

Rouladen Virginia's family recipe
This one by Virginia Stiffel has a ground beef filling. Sort of like a mini meatloaf inside each roll.

Rouladen Christa Back's family recipe from her mother Luise Montag.
This is from my good friend Christa Back, her mother in Germany use to make it this way with bacon, onion and ....chopped parsley, which really gives it a great flavor.

Rouladen Hermine
This one has sweet pickles and onions unlike the traditional dill. This version is by Oma Hermine.

Crockpot Rouladen
This is a nice recipe that you can set it and forget until you are ready to eat.

Rouladen Sheryl Sparks family recipe.
This recipe for Rouladen is unique in that it uses a gravy that has allspice corns in it. This gives it a sweet and spicy after taste to it.This recipe also gives a wonderful tip to partially freeze the meat so you can easily cut thin slices.

Mushroom Rouladen
This uses finely diced mushrooms to make a filling that is toothsome.

Chicken Roulade Stuffed , then sliced first and then grilled or braised.

Pork Rouladen (Cuban Style)
The popular filling in a Rouladen style Pork stuffed with ham, Swiss and dill pickles with mustard and onions.

Hedwig Heyl 1907 Recipe for Rinderouladen
It is fun to see how they wrote recipes back then.


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